The Corners of My Mind

I wish I had been blessed with a great memory. My dad had one – there was hope, but my brother inherited that. My husband has one. He has friends call him and ask him the most mundane thing because they know he will know the answer. In a world of Google and Alexa, there still exist a few old school folks who actually speak to another person to get the answer they are looking for. Amazing.

My memories are more like the kind Barbara Streisand sang about in The Way We Were, “Misty water-colored memories…” The role of White Christmas in my life is encapsulated in an ethereal fog with only a few details moving to the surface long enough to be captured in my mind’s eye. The eye of a child.

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Five Hundred Days

The house is quiet. For now. I sit here contemplating my day. Cradling my coffee cup in my hands, I feel the warmth and inhale the aroma of this hallowed first cup of the day. The first is always the best. I take a sip and feel as it warms and soothes my mouth and my palette. I swallow. The aftertaste arouses my tastebuds. The warmth moves down my throat…the day has begun.

How will I make this day different from the past five hundred days?

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Weekend Vacation

Cocktails & Pizza

Sometimes it is important to just get away and do stuff that is completely out of the ordinary; doing it with people you love doubles the fun. That is exactly what I did this past weekend.

My husband had to be in Dallas for business, so I took the opportunity to go up and spend time with my brother and niece. This was an every summer event during my niece’s formative years. After her parents divorced I would spend a week with them; she and I would do crafts, manicures (which later evolved into spa days), cooking and just hanging. She is super special to me.

Friday afternoon was “Bro-time.” Just me and the younger brother hanging out and catching up. It is always fun. The plan was to go out to eat Vietnamese food but by the time Audrey arrived we were two cocktails in; pretty soon it was three for us and two for her so we ordered pizza and stayed in. Nothing like pizza to soak up the excess alcohol. Lots of laughter later, Audrey and I departed for our girl time.

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