A Grandmother’s Wisdom

I am reading “Whiskey In A Teacup” by Reese Witherspoon. It is a beautiful book filled with all the things she learned growing up in the south…Tennessee to be exact. Most of the lessons she shares she learned from her grandmother, an old school southern lady who imparted wisdom from a way of life slowly fading from sight.

Unfortunately I did not grow up with a grandmother in my life. They both lived very far away and there was no real connection to them except through my parents. It was a different time and communication was not what it is today. My dad’s mom died from tuberculosis when he was an infant and his step-mother and he were not particularly close though he worked really hard on maintaining some kind of relationship with her despite how he was treated early in life. A true testimony to his character.

My maternal grandmother was a farmer’s wife – no glitz or glamour here. Just a simple hardworking woman who raised a family, worked alongside her husband in the same Kentucky where town she was born and raised. Willie Brooks Woodring will show up in many stories and essays in the future. Because, despite not growing up with her, I carry her DNA; she lives on through me and I carry this it forward with pride.

Tom and Willie Brooks Woodring, with Sheryl Perkins, Clay, Kentucky, circa 1960

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The Breaking Of Bread

Happy Monday everyone! In this last full week before Christmas I am trying not to panic. I have not done any shopping for my daughter and her family. I am hoping that because I am no longer fighting for the same toys as all the other grandparents out there, I might be in luck. To prepare for the task ahead, I began my day with a guided meditation, some deep breathing, prayer time, and a rather feeble attempt at a yoga pose. Let’s just say, that if I can’t identify if my navel is moving up or down, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

In an unusual weekend post, I told you about our road trip to Tyler to have an early Christmas with my family. We are a small group but as children grow up and lives change, we welcome new people into the fold. Our family has gained two new members during the past year or so and this was the first year they both came to mom’s for Christmas. Mom’s house was filled with family, laughter, food and love.

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