I’ve Been Lushed!


If it weren’t for my granddaughter I would probably never go to a mall. I’m not a shopper. A fourteen year old has completely different views on shopping, and it was her birthday celebration, so we went to the mall. Our first stop was a store I had vague recollections of but really knew nothing about. But, in we walk and I’m sure we looked like the Lush virgins we were. This is a playground for anyone who loves the concept of Bath and Bodyworks without the chemicals and total sensory overload. 

Lush Experience

Walking Into the store we were greeted by a soothing, dark environment, strategically well lit, and a variety of friendly employees who helped but didn’t hover. I appreciate that; I hate to have sales people stand over my shoulder. Because the concept is unique, these folks function as teachers as much as sales clerks. Each section had one person assigned to it and they took very good care of us. I never felt pressured and the quality of the products spoke for themselves.

Lush Philosophy

In a nutshell, natural products (including food) combined to create skin care products that are good for the skin and the environment. Every step of the process is guided by their vision for fresh, organic, no animal testing, ethical sourcing and packaging. These things can sound cliche, but they mean it and they deliver. You can read more here.

Lush At Home

So, what did I walk away with? Basic items to help my aging skin look its best. I want to embrace my age but also take good care of myself, which is something I really need to improve upon. I’m basically lazy and I love to eat and drink the kinds of things that aren’t good for me. So, I have to start somewhere and I chose this. After one day and one mask, I can tell a difference. Call me crazy, but my skin looks and feels more supple and soft. I bought two mask – one that exfoliates and brightens, the other one nourishes and soothes. Because of the food ingredients in the masks and the lack of chemicals, the masks must be refrigerated and have a short shelf life. I like that. 

Lush Love Lifestyle

I will keep you updated on my skin care regimen and hopefully this step will lead to other positive improvements in my self care journey.