So Tired

I just survived a very busy week. Or should I say a very busy month? I’m so thankful that tomorrow is the last day of April. I don’t have anything against the month of April, but this has been a stressful time. I am ready for a break to decompress and evaluate. This seems to be the nature of my life these days. Try something new. Evaluate. Adjust or delete and sometimes start all over again.

Just being good at something…

By all sense of reason, dyeing yarn and fiber to sell at fiber shows should be right up my alley. Being a yarn loving person that makes sense. So why do I consistently feel such a sense of discontent after participating in a show? I’m not sure either.

I don’t feel bad about myself or my products, rather I just feel like singing “Is That All There Is?” I love to make things. I love to spin yarn. I love to make things with my yarn, but I don’t feel fulfilled selling supplies. Last year I participated in a spring vendor event where I sold some of the fiber art pieces I made.

In both shows I brought home about the same amount of money. The difference is after selling things close to my heart I felt such a sense of satisfaction and joy. There is an important lesson to be learned in this experience. Will I learn it this time?

Do what makes your heart sing with joy. Nothing else is worth the time and the effort. God has given all of us gifts and talents and I believe that when we use those gifts we feel the reward and our work will bless others.

Have you ever found yourself going through the motions as you try to ignore that little voice of doubt? Take it from me, don’t ignore it; don’t justify it; listen and be brave. That internal nudge will not lead you astray. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to the rest of the world, or even to yourself, but if God is trying to move you towards His path, listen and follow. He will never steer you wrong.

Until next time,



All Play & No Work

I think we have firmly established that housekeeping is not my forte. The work now play later lessons never took hold. I pretty much play until I can’t move, then I clean up, and then I play some more. Yesterday I wrote about working on the closet in my room – a task that should only be undertaken when someone is at home with me. As much as I love my wool, being buried alive under a twenty two pound “bump” of sheep hair is not on my bucket list.

I was supposed to go back in and finish what I started. I didn’t. After the dream and the writing, and excessive thinking, I just needed to have my attention diverted. Going back into the lion’s den would not have accomplished that goal. So I got my spinning wheel out and made some yarn.

These are the things that crossed my mind as it, and the wheel, spun round and round.

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