Dream or Direction?

I’m back in the recliner today. But I have a very good excuse. It is a very damp 39 degrees outside with an 11 mph wind. The skies are gray and a drizzle of rain is still falling. I know that compared to other parts of the country this is nothing; but, weather is relative and for me this is nasty. That damp cold just cuts right through my body and all I want to do is stay inside under a nice cozy blanket. In fact…no wait, I can’t do that. I have a mess to clean up today. And that mess is precisely why I am back in the recliner.

The Closet

The closet in my whimsy room is far from whimsical. In fact it is downright frightening. This is where I shoved everything when I decided to make the room magical for Christmas. Opening the door invites bodily harm, possibly even suffocation by wool.

I finally went to work. I pulled out plastic containers of yarn, partially finished projects (WIPs: Work In Progress), odds and ends of crochet and weaving that I collect because I just know that I am going to create some magnificent fiber art masterpiece one day, a couple of boxes of leftover product from my retail days that I fully intended on selling at fiber art shows where I was going to be a vendor (another business idea gone bust). Nearly every encounter with the stuff from the shop owning experience leads to longing and a dream.

Before I knew it I had my beautiful little room cluttered with so much stuff I was overwhelmed. So I ate.

I did not go back into the room after dinner. And that is why I’m in the recliner. Here we are, a brand new day, and yesterday’s mess is still staring me in the face. I have a choice. I can close the door and wait for the fairies, elves, and gnomes to come make it cute, pretty and functional, or I can get up off my ever spreading rear end and go take care of business. The jury is still out.

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Food For Thought

Well, here we are on Foodie Friday and my planned food post is a bust. Seems rather fitting for a week that has just been a little off. I haven’t felt well since Tuesday. Nothing serious. I know when my body goes into defensive mode; the immune system kicks into gear to ward off the attack of some random virus or bacteria. This is how I have felt all week. Not the best week in the world, but that’s OK.

My plan was to write about barbacoa. I researched recipes and decided to try one. I did. I did not love it. And I forgot to photograph what I did. Insert eye roll emoji here. There was so much I could have photographed…a trip to Fiesta grocery store with stacks of different types of chiles, nopales (cactus), and many things I had never heard of before. Did I take a single photo? No. I did this shopping on Tuesday after jury duty. I should have known better. I was not at my best.

Last night I discovered that my Tuesday post never uploaded. And then yesterday I had an emotionally charged post on my mind all day before it finally got posted last night. And today, it is foggy, damp, and cold, outside and I am feeling the way the day looks.

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Holiday Traditions

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” or so goes the famous song about Christmas. For me I wonder, “Is it really? Why?” Why do we do the things we do and where did it all begin? What does it have to do with the reason Christians celebrate Christmas? How do other countries celebrate Christmas and how did they develop their traditions? There are some really deep issues involved here and I certainly don’t have the answers, but an article in Christianity Today was an eye opening read. Who knew the Puritans outlawed the celebration of Christmas and that Alabama was the first state to make it legal again? Shocking!

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