I Have Clean Underwear: It’s Gonna Be A Good Day!

I’m back! Well, at least I think I am back. It has been a real funk-a-dunk week here at Chez Means. This time last week I was sitting in a jury waiting room crossing everything I could cross and asking the good Lord to help settle these cases and get all 430 of us out of this germ infested incubator.

After nearly four hours, my request was granted. Then began a week of yuck and confrontation. But this morning I woke up with a fresh attitude, my feet don’t hurt – there’s a miracle – and I have one pair of clean underwear! A sure sign this day is going to be a winner.

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The Great Dish Debate – Which Side Are You On?

The event that launched this new phase of my life was…washing dishes by hand. I know. It sounds ridiculous but it is true. Something as simple as performing the very first chore I was allowed to do as a child brought a profound sense of satisfaction that is all too unfamiliar in homemaking these days.

Washing dishes is one of the most maligned of household chores. Who (of a certain generation) could forget Madge and her wisecracking Palmolive commercials from the late 1960’s?

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