Never Too Old

I have a love affair with children’s books. Specifically picture books. Authors and illustrators of these books tell stories, teach lessons, make us laugh, make us cry, and some become life long friends. I don’t have many books from my childhood and have no clear memory of being read to, nor special stories from my early years. What I do have is a life long love for books. Just being near books envelopes me with a blanket of comfort and peace.

I’m not going to lie. I have not always been the reader I wanted to be. As an elementary school kid, I spent one whole summer reading. I kept a record of the books, challenging myself to meet a goal. I wish I still had that list…and the drive. There was no library program or mandatory school reading list. Just a girl who discovered the joy of exploring new worlds through books.

As I got older and life got in the way I let go of reading as a habit. This is something I am working on correcting. I love it while doing it but I get so easily distracted by other things that need to get done. Anyone out there relate?

With picture books I can pick up a beautiful book and spend a few minutes in another world and I always have something to think about when the book is finished. This love affair began when I became a kindergarten teaching assistant. The joy of reading to children opened my eyes to the amazing range of children’s literature. And then I became a grandmother. I bought books for the girls, but they were really for me. None of them became readers despite Mimi’s best efforts, but Mimi has a nice collection of books.

Yesterday I stopped at Barnes and Noble looking for a magazine (which they did not have) but what I found were two books that spoke directly to my heart and life at the moment.

This is the latest in a series of books by this creative duo whose titles begin with “What Do You Do With ……..” This just spoke to me. I stood there in the store and read it. At first I walked away. The words and the message just kept running through my mind. I went back to the stack. It came home with me.

I read it again this morning. And I asked myself, “What would I do with a chance?”

Will I recognize a chance when it comes my way?

Will I be distracted and not know a chance when it presents itself?

Will I be brave?

Will I persevere?

Will I grab the chance and make the most of it?

These are all questions I hope I know the answers to. The truth is we all are given chances every single day. Chances to smile. Chances to be kind. Chances to say something. Chances to try something new. There are more chances than I can list here. They are out there. They are fleeting and may never come back around again.

See a chance…take a chance. It doesn’t matter what the outcome, what matters is that you tried. Oh, and read a children’s book sometime. I promise you will be glad you did.


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