Joining the Flock

Boy, it sure doesn’t take long to get off schedule! But I’m not going to whine, make excuses, or try and tell you how busy I have been, I’m just going to write about life…as life happens.

One of the biggest changes is that I have found direction for this next phase of my life and some exciting things have happened. For all of my fiber art, yarn spinning, art making stories, please follow me at The Twisted Spindler. I am working on all of the above activities there and my soon to be launched Etsy store. Here, you will find my ramblings about life, family, home decor, Maggie, and just of the everyday work of being me. One of the sheep.

So what does that really mean? What do I mean by being one of the sheep? At first it was just a cute play on words that meant I was no longer at the top of the yarn business food chain by being a shop owner. It meant that I am now, like all of you, knitting is my hobby not my business. My work over at Twisted Spindle headquarters is more about art and my expressions through the medium of fiber. I now knit simply for pure pleasure.

It is interesting, I have always had my hand in so many of the fiber crafts that I could never identify a favorite. Closing the store and no longer needing to knit to sell yarn, I can make what ever I want to make. What a lovely freedom to have. I had forgotten how fun it is to just knit. 

However, with so many pieces of my life falling into place, being one of the sheep reminds me that I am a sheep and I follow Jesus…He is my shepherd. Wherever He leads I will follow and I will treat the rest of the world with the love and kindness He demonstrated during His time on earth. The world is in desperate need of Jesus. If there is anything I have learned thus far in my life, it is that left to my own devices I can sure make a mess of things. Whoa, can I mess things up. But I’m not focusing on that as much as I am placing my focus on what life can be like when I choose to live a different way.

I ask for so much guidance from the Lord. Open my eyes. Help me. What am I supposed to do? I am so thankful that my Father is patient, kind and loving. On Easter Sunday evening this year I got my answer. The questions were all about whether or not to close Yarntopia. I guess I wanted God to sky write “Sheryl, you have my permission to close Yarntopia. I promise the world will not come to an end. Love God.” But instead He used Bible movies from decades gone by and my curiosity to answer my prayers.

As HG was watching The Ten Commandments among other movies that night, I got curious about the Biblical accuracy of what was being portrayed. Sadly, my serious study of the Old Testament was many years ago and my brain simply does not retain detailed information. I’m more of a big picture kind of gal. So, I was using my Kindle version of the Bible to look things up, when a scripture literally jumped off the page at me. Because I don’t remember the book and chapter all I can do is paraphrase for you, but what I read essentially said: 

                                                                                                  STOP ASKING AND DO IT!

I was stunned. Right there in front of me was the answer for which I had been pleading. I did not utter another prayer asking for direction on this subject. I thanked God profusely for kicking me right into action and from that moment forward I had not one shred of doubt about the next step. On Monday morning I set up a schedule of what do to and how to tie up loose ends. I told my closest friends and customers what was going to happen and I set a date. Drop the mic…it was over.

Yet, the next phase began to haunt me. What was I going to do next? The story continues……