The Winds of Change

Good morning all. It is an unusual morning on this last day of April. A serious line of thunderstorms moved through southeast Texas last night leaving behind atypical temperatures and delightfully dry air.  Just one last burst of spring before the heat and humidity of summer envelopes us for the next six months.

Last night as the front pushed through, the winds were gusting to twenty two miles per hour. I watched the trees bend under the pressure then bounce back as the gust died down. I could not help but see a correlation to my life at this moment of transition.

Those branches, because of the life that exists under the surface, sway and bend but they do not break. Isn’t that just the way it is with us as well? When we stay connected to the life giving power of God, we can bend and sway but we do not break.

As I move through a huge transition in my life I am like those trees. There certainly were times when I thought I was going to break, but God is bigger than my problems and He has the solution. My job is to stop, listen and follow.

After eleven years of owning a yarn shop, I am closing my business to follow where I am being led. After all, isn’t that what sheep do? They follow their shepherd. God has gifted me with many talents and abilities as well as with a family that deserves nothing but my best. So, I am coming home to nurture myself, my family and honor my Creator by creating. I hope you will follow along and grow with me on this new adventure.